I3CAT’22 will address recent advancements in the field of Intelligent Computing and Communication emerging fields of research such as: Computer Games and Creative Technologies, Telecommunication application, Cyber security, Computer Networks, Mobile Communication and Applications, Media Technology, Artificial Intelligence, 5G and Beyond, Intelligent Bioinformatics, Software Engineering, Big Data, and Digital arts. The advancements in the field of intelligent computing and new communication technologies are affecting the human life. The Conference organizers are interested to provide an advanced research event for researchers from all over the world. This interesting event aims to provide an internationally respected forum for scientific research and focus on recent computing and communication technologies and applications.

Topics of Interest (but not limited to)

Cyber security

Computer Networks

Mobile Applications

Media Technology

Artificial Intelligence

5G and Beyond

Telecommunication Application

Intelligent Bioinformatics

Computer Games and Creative Technologies

Digital Twin

Software Engineering

Big Data

Digital arts

Cloud Computing

Internet of Things

Computer Vision